One of the very first things that are done is each and every item with a value of $10 or more is priced and entered into an inventory list with an assigned number.  All items under $10 are still priced but not assigned a number.


This is where we arrange and group like items together to make it easier for the buyers to shop


Legit Liquidators utilizes all the most popular media sites for advertisement of the sale. (Gold Member),, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Offer up , and


One of the best way to drive traffic to your Estate sales in San Diego  is signs.  Legit Liquidators goes crazy posting directional signs leading to the sale.  Buyers love it, not only is it helpful people get a kick out of how many we put up.  Please be mindful of the environment, at the end of the sale Legit Liquidators ALWAYS makes sure to collect each and every sign so that they are not left to blow away and become trash in someone's neighborhood or to become imbedded with the other signs left to trash up the trees and landscaping.