How to value an item

What's it Worth?

One of the toughest jobs when conducting any kind of sale is knowing what to price an item.  

A new item still in the packaging or with tags  can be priced at 1/2 the retail value.

One way a used item can be valued is on Ebay.  Type in the item in the search menu, then look for a button that says ADVANCED, this is where you can filter and define your search parameters.  Scroll down until you see SOLD, toggle that on and now your search will only display the sold and completed listings.  You can see when the item sold, for how much and how much shipping was paid(which can actually be added to the value).  An item is worth what a buyer is willing to pay and this is where you find that out !

Condition of an item is always a huge factor.  Something that is broken, chipped, stained or ripped  has very little value.

Hope this was informative, remember these are the views and/or practices Legit Liquidators uses and we are not professional appraisers. how to value an item